Tourist farm Vovk Osp

Under the Karst edge in the Osp valley lies the village of OSP, world famous for its karst collapse. Tourist farm VOVK provides space for camping (camp) and typical local food (grilled dishes, seasonal dishes, side dishes: potatoes, cabbage, turnips, prosciutto cold cuts, pancetta, pork neck salami) and country wines.

Village OSP is a world-known mecca for climbers from all over the world.

The campsite is open all year round and is suitable for families who appreciate peace and intact nature. From the Slovenian coast we are just a 10-minute drive.

Osp 20, 6275 Črni kal, Slovenia
+386 (0)40 167 787
Our offer

Camping, cuisine, climbing

Camping area

Vovk farm and camping area is located in an idyllic village under the world-famous Osapska wall. It is open all year round and is also suitable for families who want peace and unspoilt nature.

The culinary offer

We offer typical local food (grilled dishes, seasonal dishes, side dishes: potatoes, cabbage, turnips, homemade cold cuts, prosciutto, pancetta, vratovino), and we also offer you fresh local wines.

Climbing wall Osp

Osp is also known as a paradise for sport climbing. A horseshoe-shaped wall rises above the village and represents one of the most important climbing areas in Europe.


Visitors’ opinions

A cozy village restaurant close to a climbing paradise. We came in late and hungry, had polenta, deer stew, mushrooms and malvasia. Excellent food, friendly and fast service, I hope I will be able to return some day.

Kai C

Rock climbers know this restaurant I’m sure. But it’s also nice for familys for recreation. From her you can start walking to hill Tinjan (1 hour walking). For the way you can ask in restaurant. When you came back you can enjoy in food and drink in restaurant Pri Vovku. The prices are fair, especialy drink is surprisingly cheap. The service was correct and we also get free appetizer because of slovenian holidays. Very nice. Thank you. Location is great, ambience also.

Andrej K

The inn is part of the camp, which is across the road in Osp. With a large garden and children’s playground. Popular with climbers, skydivers and cyclists and hikers. They mainly serve homemade food made from meat, venison, fudge, etc.

Tanja S

A cosy farm stay with cats and dogs wandering from table to table looking for titbits. Most of the clientele were rock-climbers and Italians. The food was simple but good, although not especially cheap. We had gnocchi with blue cheese sauce and pljukanci (Istrian pasta) with wild boar goulash.

A guy from Bristol

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Basic information

Features and equipment

Bungalow rental
Climbing wall
Free Wifi
Plots with electricity
On the farm
Dogs allowed
Chemical toilet
Good shade
Tourist farm Vovk Osp

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The tourist farm VOVK offers a place for camping and typical local food and regional wines.

The village of OSP is a world-famous Mecca for climbers from all over the world.

Osp 20, 6275 Črni kal, Slovenia
+386 (0)40 167 787