About us

by | Jul 14, 2023

In the heart of the Osp valley, below the mighty wall, the Vovk farm is located. Its history dates back to the First World War and even further because of farming and livestock which were necessary for survival in those times.

Thus, the farm grew under the auspices of the then master Jože Vovk, who was later joined by his son Drago.

By the year 1973, the current landlord Drago took over the reins of the farm and farming focused exclusively on agriculture and viticulture.

Later, in 1993, also on agritourism on the farm. Today we totally cultivate modestly 3 hectares of land. Of these, a few are olive groves, fields and vineyards, from which we produce different types of wines. Close to all the amenities offered on the farm.