Camping area

by | Jul 14, 2023

The camp is located in an idyllic village below the world-famous Osapska wall, which is one of the most important and popular climbing centers in Europe. The area is not only interesting for cavers and climbers, but also for botanists, because of the valuable plants that grow in this area.

Camp Vovk is located below the Crni Kal, 3 kms away from highway Ljubljana – Koper where you need to take exit Crni Kal.

Under the Karst edge in the Osp valley lies the village of OSP, world famous for its karst collapse. Tourist farm VOVK provides space for camping (camp) and typical local food (grilled dishes, seasonal dishes, side dishes: potatoes, cabbage, turnips, prosciutto cold cuts, pancetta, pork neck salami) and country wines.

Camp is opened all year around and popular among families that look for peaceful holidays and pure nature. It does not have a reception, you need to ring a bell of the owner’s house.

Village Osp close by is well-known for climbing, you can go cycling or hiking. If you wish to visit Slovene Coast you will need only 10minutes drive to Koper, Izola or Strunjan.

The closest village is Dekani where you will find shop with all needed things for holidays.

Camping price list for 2023:

Children aged 4 to 13 years9
Bungalow for 2 people45
Bungalow for 3 people55
Bungalow for 4 people65
Tourist tax2

Prices are valid from 01.01.2023 to 31.12.2023